Our customer portal,, gives you quick and easy access to your crane maintenance information. Usage data from TRUCONNECT and maintenance data and asset details from MAINMAN are linked, giving you a transparent view of events and activities over any selected time interval. Aggregated data can be viewed, analyzed and shared quickly, for a single asset or an entire fleet. Insights can be drawn by observing anomalies, patterns and trends, helping you make informed, fact-based, maintenance decisions.



The customer portal provides fault history and prioritizes assets according to chosen criteria for a quick view of pain points for a single asset or across your entire fleet. This can help you make informed maintenance decisions.



On, you can access inspection and service reports, service schedules, maintenance histories, asset lists, service spend and agreement details. During a service visit, our mobile-enabled technicians can quickly and efficiently input information so you have quick access to your service data. You can also use yourKONECRANES to initiate service requests. The portal gives you a complete view of your assets and relationship with Konecranes on any web-enabled device.


View information from your Service Reviews and Business Reviews

After a service visit, a service professional from your local branch will follow up with you to go through open recommendations and quotes, answer your questions and plan next steps. This Service Review information can be viewed by you at any time on

The Business Review looks at your current maintenance program and is aimed at demonstrating a return on investment and driving continuous improvement. The portal contains the information presented in your review such as agreement information and spend.